Performance Videos

Freak Flag Rehearsal

Luanda age 14 rehearses the opening of Freak Flag for the freshman musical theater class spring concert.

“Lifeboat” as Heather McNamara

Luanda de Hilster, age 14 sings “Lifeboat” from Heathers in December 2019 at the Showtime Performing Arts Theatre.

Launda’s Freshman Year District Performance

Luanda plays the female lead in the large group musical performance piece “And You Don’t Even Know It”.

Teacher Testimony About Luanda’s Talent

8th grade drama and thespian teacher Ms. Lauren Nolan’s sendoff speech with just one year with Luanda as student.

Ms. Nolan’s sendoff speech to Luanda which is very complimentary and very inspirational

Recent Performances

The Luanda has been singing since age four. Here are some videos of Luanda’s performances, auditions, and recitals through the years.

September 2019 age 13: Luanda rehearses the role of Tony Elliot in the musical “Billy Elliot” a role she filled in less than a week when called upon when an actor pulled out out at the last minute..
May 2019, age 13, Luanda’s recital sings “I Can Hear the Bells” as student of the well-known vocal teacher and coach Rebeca Diaz.
April 2019, age 13, Luanda as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid Jr age 13 at Boca Middle.
January 2019, age 13 solos by Luanda as part of the ensemble cast of Rent. She is the youngest in a mostly adult production.
January 2019, Luanda doing some serious air guitar in the musical Rent.
8th Grade, age 13, Solo Musical Performance “Watch What Happens” from Newsies.
8th Grade, age 13, Duet Acting used in Junior Thespian competition.
6th Grade, 11 years old (this is pretty amazing):
7th grade, 12 years old performing a song from Aladin.
Audition for 8th, grade Thespian Club, 12 years old singing Santa Fe from Newsies.

Early Performances

Luanda age 5 singing “Right her in my Arms”
Luanda age 4 singing “It’s a Grand Ole Flag”

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