October 14, 2022

Headshots by Angela Morando-Taylor. Read the captions under each headshot to get to know Luanda a little better.

Luanda’s dual citizenship from the United States and Brazil are apparent in her face, from the blue eyes from her American father, to the beautiful brown curls from her Brazilian mother.
One of the most common statements heard about Luanda is that even though she is very gifted, she is incredibly nice and humble and is very easy to work with.
When Luanda hits the stage, she transforms. Those in the business who know Luanda say she is a “character actor” who completely “incorporates” her characters in dance, singing, and acting. Here are two great examples of her character acting: as Kathryn in Radium Girls, and as Ms. Tottendale in the Drowsy Chaperone.
Luanda, like her mother, has a beautiful profile.

Photos by Angela Morando-Taylor of Taylor Made Studio and Dance

Angela Morando-Taylor